School Vision

Building a generation capable of interacting positively with the requirements of the modern age based on technology and a creative, innovative and distinguished generation, through an effective educational environment in the light of the right participation through educational services aimed at providing them with the skills, capabilities and knowledge that qualify them to enter the battle of life


School message

Our school welcomes students from all over the world and strives to
Development of the knowledge, skills and talents of our students to build an educated and aware generation to face the challenges of the times
,Employing the latest educational technology with modern management and distinguished leadership working on
continuous improvement and keeping pace with developments Activate Active Participation
Instilling noble values and correct behaviors in the conscience of our students through a safe learning environment that stimulates and supports the teaching and learning processes
Professional development Continuous, effective, annual school work and teamwork

School goals

Al-Manara International Virtual School provides quality education based on the latest global enrichment curricula for our students
Al-Manara International Virtual SchoolIt advances the educational attainment of students, opens new horizons of knowledge for them, and contributes to changing the reality of education by keeping pace with the latest technological developments in the field of education.
Al-Manara International Virtual School It works to consolidate the foundations of self-learning and systematic and scientific research without detracting from the role of the educational institution
Al-Manara International Virtual School contributes to preparing a new generation of Arab innovators, researchers and inventors who are qualified to face the most important elements of development
Al-Manara International Virtual School contributes to the creation of young talents